Fuji 7MBR10SA120

Fuji 7MBR10SA120
#7MBR10SA120 Fuji 7MBR10SA120 New Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor 15A I(C) 1200V V(BR)CES N-Channel MODULE-24, 7MBR10SA120 pictures, 7MBR10SA120 price, #7MBR10SA120 supplier
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Manufacturer Part Number: 7MBR10SA120
Part Life Cycle Code: Obsolete
Ihs Manufacturer: FUJI ELECTRIC CO LTD
Part Package Code: MODULE
Package Description: FLANGE MOUNT, R-XUFM-X24
Pin Count: 24
Manufacturer: Fuji Electric Co Ltd
Risk Rank: 5.81
Case Connection: ISOLATED
Collector Current-Max (IC): 15 A
Collector-Emitter Voltage-Max: 1200 V
Configuration: COMPLEX
Gate-Emitter Voltage-Max: 20 V
JESD-30 Code: R-XUFM-X24
Number of Elements: 7
Number of Terminals: 24
Operating Temperature-Max: 150 °C
Package Body Material: UNSPECIFIED
Package Shape: RECTANGULAR
Package Style: FLANGE MOUNT
Polarity/Channel Type: N-CHANNEL
Qualification Status: Not Qualified
Subcategory: Insulated Gate BIP Transistors
Surface Mount: NO
Terminal Form: UNSPECIFIED
Terminal Position: UPPER
Transistor Application: POWER CONTROL
Transistor Element Material: SILICON
Turn-off Time-Nom (toff): 450 ns
Turn-on Time-Nom (ton): 350 ns
VCEsat-Max: 2.6 V
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor 15A I(C) 1200V V(BR)CES N-Channel MODULE-24

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